Teepee success at Spotlight

I was on the lookout for a small area for my kid’s room which could be utilized for their leisure time. I wanted a small place that could be used for their drawing time or reading time. I usually go to Spotlight for all my kids furniture solution and this time I did the same I logged on to their online store and started searching for the best fit thing I could find for my kids rooms. Avail free discounts by using Spotlight Promo Code from SuperSaverMama.

As soon as I logged in I was given Spotlight coupon codes of the day so that I could shop a bit more and not worry about the prices of the products. I was searching for a small curtain type area which could be secluded and used by my kids. I narrowed down my search according to the color and saw this really cute Teepee’s that were on display. They depicted a very historic and adventurous look and I really liked them. The instant I saw them I really wanted to buy them as it was something I wanted when I was a kid. I was inspired by the Indian American stories I had read and always wanted to experience the feel of living in a Teepee.

The Teepee that I liked was made from crisp white cotton and had colored wooden holders with a half moon hanging wooden chime. I was in love with the Teepee already and ordered my share of Teepee for the kids; confident that my kids would love it the same way I did I bought it. And while checking out I received a notification from Spotlight that I had received discounts at the store. I was ecstatic as I really wanted to decorate the Teepee, so with that discount code I bought the floor mats and floral cushions. The cushions matched with the floor mat and were according to my kid’s favorite colors.

I felt the Teepee was perfect for a reading or wiring or drawing spot. I imagined how cozy and fin this little Teepee would be. On arrival of our order, my kids were very happy and simply loved the whole Teepee standing in their room. Though they had their reservations with the colors as they wanted something brighter for their Tepee floors.

I hope I can go back and shop for some more cushions and mats for my kids furniture from Spotlight they just emailed me last week.

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